2024 Happy New Year Wishes In Gujarati!!

happy new year wishes in gujarati

As the clock ticks away the final moments of the year, it’s time to embrace the excitement and warmth that a new beginning brings. And what better way to kick off the year than by sending heartfelt wishes to your loved ones, especially in the vibrant language of Gujarat! Let’s dive into the art of expressing joy and positivity with Happy New Year wishes in Gujarati.

"Nutan Varshabhinandan!" - A Traditional Greeting

Start your New Year wishes with the classic Gujarati phrase, “Nutan Varshabhinandan,” which translates to “Happy New Year!” This timeless greeting captures the essence of celebrating the arrival of a fresh start.

"Saal Mubarak!" - Wishing a Prosperous Year Ahead

Another warm and widely used wish is “Saal Mubarak,” meaning “Prosperous New Year.” This wish beautifully conveys your hopes and blessings for success, joy, and prosperity in the coming year.

"Navu Varsh Tamari Jindagi Lai Ke Aave!" - Bringing Happiness to Your Life

This wish translates to “May the New Year bring happiness to your life!”  It’s the happiest way to express your feelings toward your loved ones in the form of wishes.

"Khushiyan Nu Baras" - Let the Happiness Overflow

Convey your wish for an abundance of joy and happiness with the phrase “Khushiyan Nu Baras.” This wish emphasizes the idea of letting happiness overflow and fill the lives of your friends and family.

Prem ane Shraddha Saath Saath Rahe" - Wishing Love and Harmony

Extend your wishes for love and harmony with this beautiful phrase, which translates to “May love and harmony stay with you.” It’s a lovely sentiment to include in your New Year wishes, emphasizing the importance of meaningful relationships.

"Aanand ane Samruddhi Bharish" - Showers of Joy and Prosperity

Express your desire for showers of joy and prosperity in the coming year with this wish. “Aanand ane Samruddhi Bharish” encapsulates the hope for abundant joy and success.

"Aa Saal Tamari Zindagi ma Su-khun Laya" - Wishing Well-being

Wish well-being and good health to your loved ones with this heartfelt phrase, which means “May this year bring happiness into your life.” It’s a thoughtful way to express your It’s a caring way to show that you’re thinking about the well-being and happiness of the people you care about.

New Year Wishes

"Khushiyan Tamari Jindagi Ma Feli Jaay" - May Joy Spread in Your Life

This wish conveys the sentiment of spreading joy in the lives of your dear ones.

"Sukh, Shanti, ane Samruddhi Tamare Saathe Rahe" - Wishing Peace and Prosperity

Extend your wishes for peace and prosperity with this phrase, which translates to “May happiness, peace, and prosperity be with you.”

"Mane Kem Cho Tamaro Navu Varsh?" - Asking How Your New Year Is Going

Add a playful touch to your wishes with this phrase, meaning “How is your New Year going?” It’s a warm way to check in on your friends and family.

"Tamara Dhyeyo Thi Vadhu Safalta Malse" - Wishing More Success to Your Goals

Encourage your loved ones to reach greater heights by expressing, “May you achieve more success than your goals.” This wish, “Tamara Dhyeyo Thi Vadhu Safalta Malse,” is sure to inspire.

"Prem ane Aabhyaas Thi Bhari Rahe" - Filled with Love and Practice

Wish a year filled with love and continuous improvement with this phrase, meaning “May your year be filled with love and practice.”

"Navi Shuruaat, Nayi Udaan" - New Beginnings, New Flights

Embrace the idea of new beginnings and exciting journeys with the wish, “Navi Shuruaat, Nayi Udaan.”

"Dil Thi Dua Chhe Tamne" - Sending Heartfelt Wishes

Express your sincerest wishes with this phrase, “Dil Thi Dua Chhe Tamne,” which means “Wishing you from the heart.

New year 2024

"Har Kadam Par Khushi Ho Saath" - May Happiness Accompany Every Step

Convey the wish for continuous joy with “Har Kadam Par Khushi Ho Saath,” meaning “May happiness accompany you at every step.”

"Tamara Jivan Ma Prernadayak Moments Bharo" - Filling Your Life with Inspirational Moments

Inspire and uplift by expressing, “May your life be filled with inspirational moments.” This wish, “Tamara Jivan Ma Prernadayak Moments Bharo,” conveys positivity.

"Adbhut ane Anandmay Varsh Ne Shubhechchao" - Wishing a Wonderful and Joyful Year

Wish a fantastic and joyful year with this phrase, which means “Wishing you a wonderful and joyous year ahead.”

"Masti, Majja, ane Melavva Ma Rahi Jaay" - May Fun and Enjoyment Continue

Extend your wishes for continuous fun and enjoyment with “Masti, Majja, ane Melavva Ma Rahi Jaay,” meaning “May the fun and enjoyment continue.”


As we step into a brand new year 2024, let the spirit of joy and positivity fill the air. With these additional New Year wishes, you have a variety of expressions to convey your heartfelt sentiments to friends and family in the Gujarati style. Whether you choose traditional phrases or more contemporary ones, the essence remains the same—wishing a year filled with joy, success, and meaningful moments! 

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